What is MIT lens?

Conventional mirror coating, which takes place in the final process of lens manufacturing,
lays out the mirrored surface on the outermost layer, making it prone to peeling.
SWANS’ mirror insert technology encloses the mirror layer inside the lens, leaving no concern about peeling.
The forming of an evenly mirror-coated layer prevents color variability and ensures uniform coloration regardless of viewing angle.
Additionally, the lens for glasses and snow goggles is constructed with the petroid coating on the outermost layer,
which displays excellent scratch resistance, making for a super-tough mirror lens.


    Clear vision

    This technology involves use of a uniform mirror layer formed in advance, it eliminates the issues of color spotting and differences in coloration in the field of view.



    Mirrored surfaces that will not scratch by sandwiching a mirrored layer between lenses.



    Mirrored surfaces that will not peel, by sandwiching a mirrored layer between lenses.

Structure of swimming goggles

01 Polycarbonate layer, 02 MIT layer, 03 Polycarbonate layer

Mirror coating peeling generally occurs when the mirror surface sustains fine scratches from which moisture infiltrates between the layers, weakening the adhesion, and external force such as friction works on such weakened spots. The mirror coating of swimming goggles has long suffered a stressful problem of poor vision from peeled mirror coating. Now that is over―our models using MIT lenses are free of mirror coating damage and have a longer product life.

Structure of sunglasses

01 PETROID LENS Hard coat layer, 02 Polycarbonate layer, 03 MIT Layer, 04 Polycarbonate layer, 05 PETROID LENS Hard coat layer

Glasses-type eyewear are used in diverse settings. To support such uses, the mirror layer is protected from flying rocks, perspiration, seawater, rain, and other usage factors by being sandwiched between polycarbonate and hardcoat layers.

Structure of snow goggles

01 Anti-fog layer, 02 Inner lens, 03 Gasket/Cushion, 04 Polycarbonate layer, 05 MIT layer, 06 Polycarbonate layer, 07 PETROID Lens Hard coat layer

A goggle lens may look complex due to the double-lens structure that controls fogging, but its configuration with the mirror layer being protected between polycarbonate and hardcoat layers is the same as our glasses. The snow sport’s scene sees a lot of lens replacement depending on weather and time. With the MIT lens structure, the wearer can be care-free about touching the lens surface and be relieved from the stress they may have felt in cases where they have to replace lenses outdoors.