Some SWANS eyewear have different anti-fog coatings depending on the environment in which the product is going to be used.
Among such anti-fog coating materials, the premium anti-fog coating offers the highest anti-fog effect for wearers of products marked with this specification.

Moisture that evaporates from the eyes / Moisture from skin such as sweat / Humid outside air, melted snow / Double-structured lens / Anti-fog coating / PREMIUM ANTI-FOG

Structure of anfi-fog coating for snow goggles

SWANS’ high-performance anti-fog lens controls fogging by having the lens surface absorb the moisture inside the goggles like a sponge. The water-absorption function recovers when the lens dries and maintains a good anti-fog effect. The newly developed premium anti-fog coating features a high-performance anti-fog effect with twice as much absorption capacity compared to conventional models.

Double the water absorption capacity of conventional lens!

How to use the premium anti-fog (PAG) products to maximize their performance

After using the eyewear, leave the lenses to dry completely to ensure the best anti-fog effect the next time they are used.
The anti-fog coating on the lens is delicate―do not touch it directly. When it is damp or wet, it is more prone to scratches. Do not apply anti-fogging agent on PAF lenses. The lenses may lose their high-performance anti-fog effect and/or be damaged.


Double water absorption capacity than ever ! Current anti-fog absorption / PREMIUM ANTI-FOG Premium Anti-fog absorption 200% or more
Moisture that evaporates from the eyes / Moisture from skin such as sweat / Lens / Anti-fog coating / PREMIUM ANTI-FOG

PREMIUM ANTI-FOG for swimming goggles

The anti-fogging principle applied to swimming goggles is different from that used in snow goggles. A thin film of water is made on the inside of the swimming goggles, and this film takes in the moisture that evaporates off the eyes and the vapor generated from skin, such as perspiration, to maintain a clear state. Products with the premium anti-fog mark feature an anti-fog performance several times more powerful than standard anti-fog lens.
Due to this principle, the optimal performance can be expected by running water on the inside of the lenses before and after using the goggles.

How to use the premium anti-fog (PAG) products to maximize their performance

The PAG function offers an anti-fog effect when it is wet with water. Use the eyewear after wetting the inside of the lenses well. The inside of the lenses feels slippery when wet.
This is due to the PAF finish. Do not touch the inside of the lenses when handling the product. It may damage the special coating.
When the PAF coating is rubbed by fingertips or a towel, it may sustain scratches, which degrades the anti-fog effect.
If using a separately sold smear-on type demister, do not push the sponge at the tip of the bolt strongly against the lenses when applying. It may cause scratches.
When dirt or grease adheres to the PAF coating, it reduces the anti-fog effect. Rinse the lenses with tap water before use, remove the water, and leave to naturally dry in the shade.
Washing the PAF lenses with shampoo or conditioner may reduce the anti-fog effect. Do not use such washing agents.