Change the vision, Change the world.

Our ULTRA Lenses are capable of improving visibility by bringing intended subjects into sharp relief, through emphasizing certain color gamuts specified according to their objectives and purposes of use.
Since the color tones that should be emphasized in sporting activities vary with their equipment and environments,
we optimize lenses for each category through joint research conducted with professional athletes.


Follow the ball that disappears into the blue sky!

The beginning was a request from professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa.
From his words, “We want to follow the ball with the eyes, which will disappear into the blue sky after hitting the driver shot”, to enhance the visibility of the ball in the scenery of the golf course and make it easier to follow the eyes. We started lens research and development.
In order to fulfill that hope, we collaborated with "Mr.Ichiro Katayama Associate Professor of Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology at Kinki University", and in the background of the golf scene such as blue sky and green forest, the color of the ball is clearly and clearly raised. Developed a lens that in addition, the lens color is natural and familiar to the eye, so even when worn for a long time, the burden on the eye is small and can be used throughout the day.


Pro golfer

Experience the ULTRA LENS


    ULTRA Ice Blue (2012~)

    • 【Silver mirror x UL Ice Blue】Visible Light Transmission:28%

    These lenses, which bring into stark relief colors in the golfing environment—such as the white of the golf ball and the green of the turf—make it easier to follow the ball’s trajectory of higher visibility. They also demonstrate their abilities across the full range of ball sports as a whole, not just golf.

    Polarized ULTRA Ice Blue (2014~)

    • 【Polarized UL Ice Blue (double multi-coating)】Visible ligt transmission:29%
    • 【Polarized UL Ice blue】Visible Light Transmission:28%

    These lenses, combining high visibility with polarizing performance, are designed for use under bright skies. While the standard ULTRA Ice Blue lenses are slightly superior purely in terms of high visibility, these lenses’ polarizing feature makes the grain of the turf stand out and cuts diffuse reflection thoroughly.

    ULTRA Ice Blue (2012~)

    • 【Silver mirror x UL Light Ice Blue】Visible Light Transmission:43%

    These lenses have a color that adapts the properties of the ULTRA Ice Blue lenses especially for use under cloudy conditions and in the low light of the morning and early evening. In light of their properties, they may allow some glare under bright skies.


ULTRA for Fishing

Polarizing ULTRA Light Green is a lens developed for bass site fishing.
This lens does not feel dark even in the dimly lit conditions of morning and evening or when throwing a lure to an obstacle behind a tree.
It is a lens color that is familiar to the eye optimized when looking at thin green water quality, and has the effect of making it easy to grasp the state of the water by the contrast enhancement effect. This lens is ideal for site fishing that focuses on viewing.

Shunsuke Nomura

Pro angler

Experience the ULTRA LENS


    Polarizing ULTRA Light Green (2012~)

    • 【Polarized UL Light Green (double multi-coating)】Visible Light Transmission:26%

    By combining high visibility with polarizing effects, these lenses make fish and underwater features even more clearly visible than previous polarizing lenses. They also improve the visibility of lures and other artificial bait by emphasizing the contrast of their colors.


There is a world where vision divides the outcome.

The weather in Japan's mountains is volatile, and scenes such as snow and clouds are prone to poor visibility.
ULTRALENS for SNOW is a lens that succeeded in clearly viewing the unevenness of the snow surface even in low light scenes.
Furthermore, in addition to being easy to adapt to eyes in scenes where light / dark changes rapidly, such as in an inter-forest course, backcountry scenes, mogul competitions, etc.
It demonstrates its ability even in applications where a momentary judgment on visibility information is required


Skier/Mogul players

Experience the ULTRA LENS


    ULTRA Light Purple (2016~)

    • 【Ice mirror x UL Light Purple】Visible Light Transmission:35%

    To suit the needs of winter-sports environments in Japan, characterized by frequent clouds and snowfall, these lenses succeed in increasing visibility of uneven snow surfaces even under low light conditions. Another important distinguishing feature of these lenses is the way they make it easier for the eyes to adapt in situations involving rapid variation between light and dark, such as on ski courses in the woods.

    Photochromatic ULTRA Light Purple (2017~)

    • 【Ice mirror x Photochromic UL Light Purple】Visible Light Transmission:17% - 35%

    These lenses were developed in response to calls from users for lenses that made it possible to use the features of ULTRA Light Purple under an even wider range of conditions. in addition to adjusting brightness automatically in response to levels of UV rays, these lenses also support comfortable riding under a wider range of weather and environmental conditions.


Ensuring your vision to protect your life.

ULTRA LENS for DRIVING offers a comfortable driving environment. Based on the concept, “for safer, more comfortable daily driving”, this lens model cuts unpleasant light while allowing the wearer to perceive information necessary for driving on ordinary roads, as seen by the experienced eyes of a racing car driver.


Racing driver

Photo:Takeo Somiya

Experience the ULTRA LENS


    ULTRA Polarized Rose Smoke (2019~)

    • [ ULRTA Polarized Rose Smoke with double multi-coating ]Visible Light Transmission:22%

    This lens emphasizes the warning colors―specifically, red and yellow―to induce prediction and recognition for safe driving. The polarization function reduces the glare from the road, which brings out the white and orange lines. This helps understand the position of your vehicle within your lane and can lead to easier lane keeping. While having the above benefit, the lens also achieves a brightness level to maintain good visibility inside a tunnel.


The visibility of the ball determines victory or defeat

Looking up to the skies to catch a fly ball. Dealing with a grounder as it snakes over a ground with a strong glare. Hitting a ball thrown by the pitcher…
This is a “lens that suppresses the glare from the sun, doesn’t get too dark, and makes the ball easier to see,” to help you handle all the different situations that baseball throws up.
The lens color enhances the visibility of the white ball, while the mirror coating effectively controls the overall glare.


Professional baseball player, Saitama Seibu Lions
Sosuke Genda

Experience the ULTRA LENS


    Ultra neptune purple (2020-)

    • Silver mirror UL Neptune purple (interior surface multi-coat) Visible light transmission rate: 17% Silver mirror UL Neptune purple Visible light transmission rate: 18-19% Red shadow mirror UL Neptune purple (interior surface multi-coat) Visible light transmission rate: 28%

    It improves the visibility of a white ball against the green grass, the brown mud or the blue sky. The glare is strongly controlled when catching a fly ball and fielding or batting against a backlight, and the brightness of the lens means that the ball’s visibility doesn’t diminish even if it enters into the shade of the stands or your own shadow.